Control My Body

I had the best time last night being controlled by this hot guy. He made me feel like I was his little cum slut. I love to be treated like I am the whore. The domination of me is my favorite way to get fucked. I just cannot have sex without a man telling me exactly what he wants me to do. So last night this man came over to my house. I knew he had been checking me out and wanted to fuck me, but I was not sure. Well my suspicions were confirmed he he demanded that I get into something hot and go into my bedroom. I gave him what he want and when he came into my room he pounced right on me. He told me to shut up and lay down and I complied. He started ripping my clothes right off of me and told me to open up my slutty cunt. He then proceeded to finger my pussy raw. It felt like heaven as he dominate me into submission. I want to be dominated like that again, so ring my phone and you can have your way with me.



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