What It Means To Be A Brother Fucker!

Incest Phone Sex

Being a brother fucker means that from a very young age I was taught to suck and fuck my brother the way most people don’t learn until they are older and married. Whenever I got hot and horny or my brother woke up with a hard dick, It was my job to fuck him like my life depended on it. When we both lived at home there was nothing that satisfied me more than getting my face fucked by my brother or even getting shared with his friends. I’d be completely slutty for him and his friends loved using my little pussy and asshole to drain their balls empty. Even now, I have to drive for hours to see my brother and get a good fucking but I know once I’m in his arms there is nothing that would be more satisfying than to feel him cum for me! I’m a brother fucking slut who doesn’t care about anything else!

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