I was Robbed

Home Invasion Phone sexI’ve been house sitting for the Tutles, a family of four who live around the block. I was about to head out when I heard the sliding glass door on their back balcony slam shut. I ran out of the room when the perp grabbed me by hair. “I didn’t think anyone would be home” he said as he dragged me into the master bedroom. He tied me to the bed with a couple of Mr. Tutles ties he had found laying around and quickly began to remove every layer of clothing I had on my body, ripping my top right down the middle. “Please don’t. I won’t tell anyone you were here if you just leave” I cried as I began to think about what was about to happen to me. “It’s too late for that” he stated as he pulled down his pants. It happened so quick I didn’t get a chance to see anything but his black ski mask, but by the pain I felt in my pussy and stomach I know he was anything but average. I pleaded for him to stop, but that turned him on even more as his thrusts became faster and harder. I laid there helpless as he huffed and growled, choking me with one hand and bashing my face in with the other. I could taste the blood from my lips and the back of my throat, I felt like I was about to drown, as finally he let out a gruesome roar, and I felt his cock tense even more as he came inside of me. Seeing my still, beaten body, he untied one of my arms and was gone before I knew it. He must have been satisfied with what he got, because he didn’t touch a single belonging of the Tutle’s.

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