Wet T-Shirt Contests Make My Nipples Hard

Submissive Phone SexThis afternoon I heard there was a wet t-shirt contest at one the bars in town and I love to show off my beautiful big tits so I went to the bar. I registered to be in the contest and sat down to order a beer. The contest was almost an hour away so I struck up a conversation with the bartender. He looked at my big tits and said, “You’re gonna be hard a one to beat!” I got so excited when he said that, so I let him play with my tits.

He took me to a back storage area and there was a couch in the room. He started pinching and teasing my nipples, which made me want to suck his cock, so I unleashed his cock and sucked on it as hard and fast as I could.  He leaned down and moved my pussy onto his face and began eating me out.  I couldn’t take the intense feeling building between my legs and I got so excited I started fucking his face.  I almost suffocated him with my pussy, but he seemed to love every thrust I made into his face.  He licked and fingered me until I came all over his face, and of course I returned the favor and milked his balls for every ounce of cum he had to give.  Needless to say my nipples stayed hard for quite a while and I am proud to say I won the wet t-shirt contest.

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