Make A Deposit In My Ass Bank

One of the best things about being a cougar is getting my ass fucked. Most young guys are eager to shove that dick up my ass because the girls they usually date won’t let them do it and anal sex is my favorite. I love to have a hard cock deep in my tight ass pumping it hard and fast and filling it up with thick cum. Usually the first time they think they have to pull out and squirt all over my ass. I always smile sweetly take that cock in my mouth, suck it till it is rock hard again and then tell them to shove that dick back in and pump that cum deep in my ass hole. I love the feel of that cock jerking inside me as it shoots that load deep in me. I always cum so hard when I feel it deep inside me, shooting my cum all over his balls so that they are soaking wet for me to lick clean. I take them both in my mouth and suck them swirling my tongue around and loving the taste and feel knowing he will be hard again soon and ready to fill me up again!

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