Birthday Surprise

It’s your birthday this weekend and the girls and I have a special birthday surprise just for you. We went out and bought the sexiest matching slutty outfits. Leather skirts and skimpy tops that barely cover our nipples, thigh high black fish net stockings and slutty red heels. We went to the beauty shop and got our make-up done so that it is perfect just for you. We bought some awesome toys that we will use during the evening and we know you’re going to like it! As soon as you walk in we will greet you in our outfits and sit you down in one of the dining room chairs so we can get all around you. We are going to run our hands all over you as we undress you so we can give you kisses all over. All of our mouths licking and kissing and nibbling every inch of you. When you are so hard you can’t stand it we are going to undress for you and rub our pussies all over your hard dick. Mommy is going to go in the kitchen and get your birthday dinner together while we make your birthday dick so very happy. We know we have to lay on the table when we are done because mommy is going to serve your birthday dinner on our bodies. We are going to lay very still while you eat dinner off of us but you can’t use any silver ware and mommy is going to ride your dick while you eat. Our night has just begun, we have lots of surprises in store for you and by the end of the night your going to wish it was your birthday every day!

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