Weekend Fun…

My husband brought home a bag of coke for me which he used to do more often than he does now, and I was so excited.  I know that when he brings home coke then not too long after we have company, or we go out!  I ran upstairs after I grabbed the bag from him and got all setup – I was high and dressed to kill.  I was ready to fuck and be fucked like the whore that I am!  My husband knew I was a whore when he married me, and I’m the luckiest got in the world because he doesn’t mind me fucking and sucking anyone we meet.  As long as my husband or son set it up then he doesn’t mind who I fuck or when.  I was so excited, all dressed up and not sure who I was going to fuck or where.  My husband walked through the door and had 4 of his colleagues with him.  I was immediately wetter than before as I stood there wondering who was going to fuck me first.  I had done plenty of coke before my husband got home, so I was ready to be fucked as soon as I knew what the plan was going to be.  My husband came up to me and kissed me as he bent me over the couch. He asked if our son had fucked me in the ass and I said yes he did that morning.  That’s all my husband needed to hear he dropped his pants and started fucking me relentlessly, and I was in heaven.  Each man took their turn using my body to satisfy their own needs, and it was amazing.  I felt alive and hot as hell!  Occasionally I’d get a peek at my husband’s face and see that he was really enjoying his wife’s body being used in every way possible.  As always, we do these fun weekends once in a while because he knows I need this from time to time!

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