Give Me The Money Shot

I can’t think of anything better then the money shot! A big dick gushing jizz just for me is all a girl could ask for and more. Hell I cum just watching that cock squirt milky cum for me. The feel of hot cum squirting all over my face while I rub my clit and dip my fingers deep in my wet hole makes my nipples hard and my cunt quiver every time. Or if you would rather cover my gorgeous tits in milky, sticky cum I would love that too. Rub the head of your cock on my hard nipples until you are ready to explode all over my tits covering them in that juicy sperm. Then top it off by bending me over on my hands and knees and rub that dick of yours all over my ass while I bounce it up and down and you reach around playing with my swollen pussy until we both cum. You all over my ass hard and hot and me all over your fingers and hand soaking it with my sweet nectar as you dip in and out of my honey pot. Once all that is done and the foreplay is over, fuck me hard and fast and fill me up with every drop that is left in those big balls of yours. Oh yeah baby I know you love it as much as I do!

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