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Nothing But a Bitch Boi for Sissy Phone Sex

Your nothing but a pathetic bitch boy for sissy phone sex play. Your weakness is my greatest indulgence and my control over you is what i thrive on. You putting your will in my hands, whether you want that or not. I’m going to take the bet that you are secretly growing hard at the thought of me controlling your bitch ass.

So, there you were at the club looking all nervous and dressed like such a suburban prude. I could just tell you really wish you weren’t such a small dicked loser, and didn’t have a chance of getting pussy. Fuck, I can really read them. I approach you and get you a nice stiff drink, and sweet talk you into relaxing a little. I loosen and remove your tie, unbutton a few buttons on your shirt, and yank it outta your pants. Your looking a little less wretched. 

I whisper in your ear how I have an apartment nearby and I think you should accompany me home. Instead of taking you to my place though, I take you to my friends house who was having a party. I take you up to his sisters room and start undressing you… 

sissy phone sex

 Oh don’t get too excited… your not getting what you think. I want you as my personal bitch and dress you up like one. I have you all pretty and drag you downstairs. I take you into a room where a few other girls have brought in their little bitches who were already at work. I push you towards a large framed black man and tell him your ready. He pulls out a huge black cock and forces you down on your knees before him. Face fucking your bitch mouth isn’t all he’s going to force fuck. Oh… and sissy… they don’t use condoms.


Sissy Phone Sex Humiliation w/ Phoenix

Sissy phone sex is your only option Bitch. You are worthless with that swollen clit and your inability to please a woman. My strap-on play is your answer for hot ass sex and you will beg for it. I want your ass and I want you crawling around acting like a bitch in heat. Your need for anal penetration with my big strap-on is relentless. Your nothing but a pass around girl that gets used by all the inmates. Hell, the prison guards really love to have their way with you also.

Can you be any more pathetic? Of course you can and that is why I am volunteering your ass to the local Fireman unit of volunteers. If I am not mistaken there are around a hundred big burly men that would love to use an ass as fine as yours. 

Sissy Phone Sex

Adult Phone Chat Where Rules are NONE!

When your feeling frisky and need some adult phone chat late at night then I am your slut accomplice. If you are looking to get deviant, then I am your accomplice. Last night i got to get super bad with my new phone fucker buddy and we had a blast. 

Adult Phone Chat

If there is one thing that I adore that is being a naughty accomplice to a feisty guy that wants to do his sister. I had so much fun last night drugging and seducing his sister. We forced her to watch us fuck and then we got her to let bro stick it inside her. She was enjoying her bro’s cock in no time and he even shot his spunk load deep in her twat. I Love being a naughty deviant whore. Come on you know you wanna play dirty *bats eyelashes*


Sissy Faggot Cum Shooting Phone Sex: Phoenix Rules Sissy Phone Sex

Sissy phone sex goddess Phoenix is ruler of sissy faggot cum shooting phone sex. My love of dressing sissy faggots up stems from how I used my little brother as my living doll. We would play in mothers makeup and closet where I picked the frilliest most girly things to dress my lil bro up in.
We had fun like this for years and as he came into his own he seemed to take a liking to being a sissy faggot. I would catch him watching me get fucked by my boyfriends as he rubbed his clitty in the silky girly panties. On his birthday one year I invited him in my room whole I had two of my male friends with me. I had made him up into a sissy slut earlier so he was already prepared for what was to cum.

Sissy Phone Sex

I got my little sissy faggot brother to twirl for us in her pretties and do a little dance to entertain us. Once she was finished performing her tease the real show was underway. My guys had the nicest boners a couple girls could love to share and that is just what we did.
I taught my sissy how to suck cock and how to swallow. I made sure she understood that these lessons she got tonight would be useful for many years to cum. She nearly creamed her panties when she realized she would share cock with her big sister.

Sissy Faggot Cum Shooting Phone Sex

My sissy bro was coming along so well she deserved a special gift. I presented her with a gift box containing a pretty stainless steel jeweled butt plug to assist with her training. We penetrated that sweet fuck hole with the jeweled toy and she nearly creamed at that. We knew she was ready.
Care to share your sissy faggot story with me, or play a dirty role play about being turned into a sissy?

Phone Sex: Try Taboo Adult Phone Sex w/ Phoenix

Phone sex has no limits but imagination and ability to know what works for you. Maybe give a taboo adult phone sex session a try where we can pick your naughty pieces from that ocean of thoughts and desires. I like naughty dirty minds to lick and taste. 

Phone Sex

No silly!!! I’m talking about that alternate head where the mind is that swollen ridge my tongue teases and I will taste every drop of your creamy release. I bet I can make you dress up as a sissy for me and you will even suck cock. Don’t deny it sweetie I know that secret need for you to wear panties, and to feel a big hard cock in your mouth.

Taboo Adult Phone Sex

Your invited to swing over and see how a real man fucks me. My neighbor with a huge black cock or BBC is going to be over partying with me. He loves to show off and fuck me in front of inferior white men. I knew that would get Woody aroused. Now allow me to assist….


Sissy Phone Sex Trainer Phoenix

Sissy phone sex trainer Phoenix is seeking out new flesh to play with. Get yourself a fix even if your into being an adult baby as I am also taking on some new Adult babies and diaper lovers alike. SO if you need a new mistress let Phoenix take care of you.

Maybe you have a dirty desire to play out as a hubby needing to be Sissified and service his Mistresses guy friends. I bet you even have a dirty desire for servicing big black cock at the assistance of me. I love making my Sissy toys all nice and pretty. Your mouth will be painted a whore red that screams I’m a dirty cock sucking sissy. And I know that will have your clitty swelling up with desire!

Sissy phone sex

Adult phone chat: Frustrated?

Let me guide your way to release with my adult phone chat skills in strap-on phone sex fun. I love giving and receiving anal phone sex and  I bet you crave to have your ass owned. Well I will own that ass after a hot call with me.

Don’t be so intimidated big man, I promise to be cruel and kind. My intentions are only the best for you to receive what you need. And I feel that may be a nice big hard cock in your fuck hole of sin. I am sinfully delicious in skills in taking a hardcore ass fucking in turn for the guy with a nice big cock. No little dicks need think about getting near any of my holes. If your small you will be humiliated and fucked like a bitch by me.

So, you see, if you’re a big bad cock wielding daddy-o  I am yours to take and fuck. Now, you pathetic small dicked sissies well I will be wielding the big bad cock and you’ll assume the position for a good face fucking and slut hole pounding. Do you have any questions? 

Adult Phone Chat

Humiliation Phone Sex with a Sissy Day

Humiliation phone sex fun with the site Sissy. Our Sissy was the perfect piggy on her Sissy day at the mall for humiliation. That’s right, her experience, or her pictures anyway are right here for ALL of us to use. We love teasing and humiliating our piggy. 

Humiliation Phone Sex

All of us here at Fuckalicious Freaks adore our pathetic piggy Sissy pet, and more than ever after her Sissy days! I know that my personal agenda is to gather around this Sissy with all my girlfriends from the MAC counter and taunt her pathetic piggy nose! She is a piggy and we think she’s to pretty a piggy in all that sweet pink. I think piggies need to be in mud to be happy, don’t you?

Mistress Phone Sex

Now I would never let our Sissy get herself all soiled, but I seem to recall an incident when she was a dirty girl. I think she had to wear her diapers out and squish around in those soiled stinky diapers. She is a dirty piggy after all so I want her to squeal and oink for me as she cleans my ass. OINK for me, and tell me you want to lick my filthy ass piggy! Come on squeal like the piggy princess you are. Beg me for a taste of my sweet ass. Beg to get that piggy nose in my dirt hole so you can be a happy piggy!

Sissy Phone Sex

Look at her with that sign advertising how pathetic and lowly she is, Piggy… here piggy piggy… Oink!!!


Sissy strap-on phone sex humiliation

Your just craving that big hard cock that I control you with, and your pathetic little dick just throbs for it. You will call me up and whimper to me how pathetic you are. You then beg me to make you my little bitch and berate you about your patheticness.

strap-on phone sexWhat’s the matter little man, have I tweaked a nerve? Awe, I just wanna dress you up in slutty lingerie and walk you like my pet. My sweet little girly man wishes to be exposed and publicly humiliated. Well, your going to be too excited to make it out the door of the hotel room. I will have to invite a couple friends and fire up a web cam and broadcast your puny ass to everyone that visits the site.

I know that just excites you even more doesn’t it? Your need to become humiliated by a true Queen Bitch just overwhelms you. Submit to me. I promise you will be degraded to the pathetic little dicked man you are. small cock humiliation phone sex

Sissy Milking Phone Sex: Hot Ass Sex

Hot Ass Sex

Sissy milking phone sex can be some kinky hot ass sex with your new kinky Mistress Phoenix. Your dirty desire for wearing panties and taking cock like a bitch is ready for fulfillment. My love for cock milking and teaching or forcing you to take that creamy load of thick cum excites me!

Your excited by how dirty you feel with your naughty thoughts of cock and cum, and I want to assist in any way I am able to. I am a very dirty girl that can bring those dreams to conception. You know I had a naughty man call me one time to assist in his forced bisexual needs. Well we explored this for many hours over a couple months, and he ultimately started meeting strangers at jack shacks to get filled with the oozing gooey loads of cum as he wore frilly panties and stockings. 

Sissy Milking Phone Sex

I enjoy sharing how much I love taking cock and the smell of the dirty dick after it has slid in and out of my slut holes.I will bet your dick gets hard in those lacy girly  panties when I talk about big cock fucking me. When you hear how that rod stretches and fills me up. They way those balls tighten right before they release the spunk into that shaft and into my soppy wet and stretch hole.

Panty boy phone sex

God I love how you bury your face between my ass cheeks as you suck out that cum. You filthy little cum eating slut you. Now get that tongue in deep, come on you saw how big that cock was that came in me. You know how fucking full my ass is of cum so suck every drop out. Now you best make a creamy mess in those panties for me.

I’ll be waiting to hear from you soon so we can get good and filthy.

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