Wanna Surprise?

Tranny Phone SexWhere I live the weather has turned a little warm for this time of the year. I have always loved to be outdoors and I especially love to have sex in public places. So I called a new friend that absolutely loves my cock and wanted to treat him to a new experience. There is this beautiful park not far from me with lots of wooded areas. I called my friend and asked if he would like to hang out at the park with me today and I would pack us a lunch. He said sure and I could tell he was very excited that I had called and invited him. So I packed us a nice lunch with lots of fresh fruits, cheese, meats, bread and veggies along with a nice bottle of wine and headed to the park to meet him. We found a nice area and spread out a blanket and set out the food. We decided to take a short walk before lunch. We came across this beautiful area with really long soft grass.

He pulled me down on the grass and pulled off my pants and started sucking my cock, I was a little shocked that he just couldn’t wait and I think this time it was me that was a little surprised by his eagerness. So this time unlike our first time together I shot my hot load of cum in his mouth, I was so impressed, he swallowed! Then he fucked me in the ass while stroking my cock, I thought wow, this guys a quick study. Then after we had both cum at least twice we finished our nice walk and went back and had a very nice lunch together. We actually stayed in the park until the sun started going down and it became chilli. I think I have made a new friend for life.

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