A walk in the Park

I went to the park this morning. I walked around the lake. I was thinking of all the fun I’ve had this past year. All little whores I have snuffed out. All the cocks I have pushed inside tiny little virgin pussy’s. And I had a great time doing it. But this time it is different. I found the perfect little specimen. She’s just beautiful. She’s so innocent and fragile. I’ve been watching her for a couple of weeks now. And I just want to find the perfect way to use her. She has long willowy light brown hair. The softest pretty, pink pouty lips. She has the biggest doe eyes. Bright vivid blue and long black eyelashes. She’s so pretty she looks made up. Like she’s something out of a cartoon. Something that special doesn’t come around that often. And I certainly can’t let it pass. But I need something special for such a special little prize. It has to be tomorrow, she always goes out bright and early on Sunday morning. She wanders around the playgrounds and then down by the lake. It’s like she doesn’t want to go home. No one’s ever looking for until late. I’ll have her for hours before they even realize she’s gone. I hate not knowing what I’m going to do though. How I want to use her. How I want to hurt her. I look down into the water by my feet. And I saw this beautiful Koi fish. It had long beautiful streaks of color, some red and orange and white and long beautiful tail. I loved how while it was swimming around it looks like art, pure perfection. But I knew exactly what I wanted for my special prize. I will snatch her bright and early in the morning. I will drive out to my cabin. I will strip off all of her clothes. And tie her down spread eagle. She will be so scared she will have goose pimples all over body. And then I will take out my scalpel. I will started drawing the softest reddest lines all over her body like arts. Carving out a beautiful flowing design. She is so beautiful when I am done she will be better than a masterpiece. Of course I will have to call some of my friends, to come look at her and share in my design work. And then of course I will let them have turns with my special little prize. Fucking her and using her. She will look so perfect spread out before them. Mmmmm now I can’t WAIT!

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