Wanna Be Our CSI?

We are so fucking hot we are illegal. I love fucking this bitch and letting you watch. Stroke that hard cock while she licks my sweet pussy and your mouth waters wanting to get a taste your self of all the juice flowing out of this cunt of mine.
You want in the middle of this action so fucking bad you can’t stand it, but a CSI just observes the crime scene, paying careful attention to each and every detail and taking notes.
You won’t be able to get in on this action until we are done creating our little crime scene for you to investigate.
To make sure when that time comes you don’t blow that fucking load before w are ready, we have a nice little cock ring for you to wear. Looks like we may need to put it on a little sooner then we thought the way your yanking that fucking meat of yours. That head is soaking wet with the oozing pre-cum you are using as lube. Time for some oil for lube and to cut off the flow before it is to late and you can’t play at all.
We know you can’t wait and we will see you on the other side of the crime scene tape soon….

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