Touch me crazy!

I want you to fuck me and savor every moment of it. To hold me, caress me, rub me, and smell me all the way from top to bottom. Take my face into your hands and cradle it in your strong but tender hands as you kiss me deeply. Then slowly slide your busy hands down my neck, pass my shoulders till you reach my big titties. Then with the tips of your fingers, you begin to pinch and tease my nipples.

Without easing up on teasing my nipples, you began to suck hard on my titty as I began to get wet in my panties. Your touch got me really horny and I began to rub your already hard cock in my hand. As you were sucking on that tit, your hand made it’s way down to my pussy lips. I started to spread open my legs more so you can go in deeper. My body quivered to the thought of what you were going to do with that hard cock inside of my tight wet pussy.

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