Shameful Thoughts (You Have Them Too?)

Here I sit next to the same people as I do every week, hand up my pretty dress, loose enough to cover the motion of my fingers going in and out of my wet pussy but tight enough to make the most devote man think about getting inside these dainty panties!
Is your dick hard yet? Because my pussy is revving up for a flood of epic proportion.
I know it is wrong and I know I shouldn’t be lost in the thought of getting fucked hard and deep or sucking the biggest cock I can find until it explodes in my mouth.
I should be paying attention, listening. And just a I bring myself back to the present I hear the sermon about Jesus turning water into wine.
Why we think what we think when we think it is beyond me, But just at that moment I remembered an old Flintstones cartoon and image a man in skins filming Jesus as he performed this miracle.
All I can think of is… why? Why if you had this power didn’t you turn every thing you saw into a great piece of ass? Why weren’t you getting fucked and sucked and taken to heaven daily? Wine is cool don’t get me wrong, but hell, why don’t we get drunk and screw…that’s all I am saying…
As I cum all over my fingers at the thought of being able to create my own perfect fuck world, I hear the preacher say we may leave and I stand up on weak legs with a smile.

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