To My Sexy Hot Date

Tonight is the night I am going to go out on the town with a very strong, sexy man. I am so unbelievably attracted to this charming man and his tasty suckable cock. We are going to go to a fancy restaurant where we are going to drink fine aged wine and listen to classical music. After that we are going to the beach to go for a moon light walk along the shore line. We held hands and walked bare footed as the waves crashed against of feet. Then he laid down a blanket out on the sand. He picked me up in his strong arms and laid me down gently on the blanket. We began to caress and kiss each other sensuously. Then he placed his hand on my leg and slowly made his way up to my wet vagina. His touch was so amazing that my body shivered with excitement. This sexy man was rubbing threw my black lacy thong and kissing me passionately. I could not take it anymore. I grabbed his hand with my own and said ” Baby, you really need to stop.” He then looked at me with concern and confession and asked me why. In a soft voice and stern gaze I said “Because I am going to get up, bend over, and I want you to fuck me so hard that the state of Hawaii will hear me scream your name.”

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