I Love Foreign Men!!

I am totally enamored by the fine British men that try and get a hold of me. There is something about their British accents that drive my cock wild. I was kind of chatting with this one man who drove me wild. His accent was so hot. Our conversation started innocent enough with a couple of flirts, but then the conversation got a little steamy. This man started talking about my cock and how big it was. I think it may have made him jealous, but that’s OK because I know what he wants to do with it. So we proceeded to talk about the fact that he wants to do bad things to the cock of mine. He asked me to meet him for coffee. Once we met we figured out that we indeed had a connection, we went back to his place, and well…we had fun! At first he was nervous because he had never been with a chick with a cock, but we started out slow. I took my top off first so he could see my big tits. He started to lick and bite them ever so softly, and then I coerced him to take down my skirt and panties where he found my huge member. I had a hot time and I hope it happens again!

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