Captivating Girl Next Door Caprice

I sound even younger than I look and the naughty things that you cum up with that get your cock so hard makes me squirm in my chair. My panties get so wet hearing what kinky adventures you have for me today!  My teen pussy is all yours!

I want to be your naughty girl next door. I conveniently leave my curtains open just for you. I know you can see me as I undress and I sit by the window fingering my sweet pussy. You wonder if I know you are there. Under my lowered lids I see you slowly start to reach for your cock. Thats when I slide my fingers out and bring them to my mouth. You stop stroking in shock and expectation. You don’t even dare to blink, you just don’t want to miss what I’m about to do next. I captivate you as I bring my fingers up to my mouth and slide them right into my mouth. Licking them and sucking them you see me shiver. I finish my treat and start rubbing my clit feverishly. You’re back to stroking your cock but you wonder, what does that sweet pussy taste like? You want to be between my legs so badly licking and sucking all of my juices up. That’s when my gaze turns to you and you freeze, cock in hand. I wink at you and take my wet fingers away from my pussy to motion you over. I slid those fingers back and forth across my lips and open my legs open to show you exactly where I need you. You’re going to run over to me aren’t you. Right up to my bedroom and finish the treat. I gasp and bite my lip as I see you heading for the door. I can’t wait!

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