Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Submissive Teen NatalieI am a Submissive Phone Sex Teen and I love serving my Master.  Being tied up at my Master’s will makes me so wet.  I have had a lot of submissive training but I need constant reminders of who is in charge.  Please Master.  Please show me in your wisdom who has the upper hand.  Use me as you see fit.  I can even help you.  I’ll get all of the things you need and line them up for you.  I’ve been practicing tying myself up for you as you asked.  I love pleasing you Master.  I will be ready to serve you when you come home.  Ready and waiting in your dungeon, eager to serve you.  You of course can do anything you want to me as you well know.  I will whimper and moan so sweetly with my tender little voice.  I will beg you for more and thank you for the punishment you see fit to give me.  Please Master, can you tie the ropes tighter and punish me harder.  Your Submissive Teen Slave expects no mercy.  Oh please, please hurt me sir.Submissive Teen Natalie

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