Leather and Lace

It is erotic, it is sensual, it makes me long for hot, passionate, sweaty, hours long sex. Sex that is so intense it borders all out ass smacking, fucking. What gets me so worked up? My lingerie of course. Silky and sexy, or leather and naughty, makes no difference. It all makes me soaking wet and ready to go. I love putting it on and prancing out of the room in front of you. Wearing it to cook you something to eat. Or putting it on to dust and vacuum in the middle of the day, knowing you will be home for lunch and be oh so surprised to see me this way. I love watching you grow in your pants as you drink in every inch of my hot sexy body so scantily dressed. And knowing what is to cum, drives me insane and makes my pussy twitch and quiver with anticipation and desire. I know that growing dick of yours will soon be buried deep inside the soft, velvety folds of my warm, wet, pink pussy. I also know neither of us can wait much longer.

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