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You Tricked Me

Hardcore Ass Fucking



My hot and tight little body has been stuck in your head ever since the first time you came across my pics. You can’t help but wonder if when I get a little bit older, if that will make my chest grow larger or if you are going to need to get me pregnant for that to finally happen. The idea becomes your obsession, thinking long and hard about how amazing it would be to plant your seed inside my tight bald cunt- even if it’s by force. In fact the idea of holding me down and feeling my tight little titties under your chest while you take my innocence away just makes you me more and more. You decide it’s time to track me down. You find out what school I go to and spot me leaving. You pull up and call me by name, saying my parent’s were in an accident and that we have to leave immediately to go see them at the hospital. Panicked I jump into your car and we ride, while you use my fear to your advantage- you pull off down a dirt road. I am confused but you insist it’s a shortcut- but when you pull over, I know it’s been a lie just so that you could take me exactly how you’ve been dreaming of for weeks. My screams are muffed by my panties quickly and you use me, abuse me and do what ever comes to your filthy mind for hours until I finally pass out. You dump my exhausted body off in front of my mom and dad’s house- telling me as you pull away that we will be seeing each other a lot more.

My Neighbor’s Rape Fantasy


rape phone sex fantasies




It was an abnormally hot day and I decided to go skinny dipping in your pool because I thought for sure you and your wife were still at work. I kinda felt like I was being watched but really just ignored the feeling and kept on with my dives and seeing how long I could stay under the water with one breath. Meanwhile you were actually peering at tight and young body, naked and right in front of you. You decided now would be the perfect time to teach me a lesson about going over to someone’s house uninvited.You walked outside and by the pool completely naked. I turned around and attempted to cover myself. You said, “no use in trying to be shy now, little one” and jumped in after me. I tried to swim away but you pinned me up against the side of the pool. I could feel your throbbing cock against my tight round ass and you whispered that I should never go to a man’s house assuming no one is home. Tears streaming down my face, I begged you to reconsider because I was a virgin. You wouldn’t have it though, putting me in a headlock against the hard side of the pool and shoving your throbbing dick inside my cunny, pounding away at it until you blew your load deep inside me. You shooed me home and reassured me that this would be a regular visit from now on. 1pm every weekday afternoon, even if I had to skip school.

Forced Into My Car By A Stranger


Rape Phone Sex Fantasies



I was leaving a gas station when a guy walked up behind me, asking if I had a lighter. I told him I did not but just as I was opening my car door he shoved me inside my auto with full force. He quickly explained that I was going to be his new little sex slave but that first we needed to make a few stops. I was so scared, begging for my life and all but he kept just reminding me that pretty girls like me don’t get murdered- they get sold to pimps to make bank off of. I realized things were not looking in my favorite the moment he pulled off the road, demanding for me to take my clothes off so he could force himself inside me. I new then that things weren’t looking up and the best ting I could do is try and just cooperate. He used me in the back seat over and over again. We drove for ever and ever, it seemed like we had made it at least 500 miles away from where he abducted me. Finally we pulled up to a dilapidated trailer kind hidden in the woods. Once we arrived I was introduced to my new captors. They had been scouting out for months looking for a perfect petite blonde like myself, something about a profit. It really hadn’t clicked yet that I was about to be a their personal fuck toy. They too turns, drilling out my holes and humiliating me. Everything from making me play in their scat to drinking down large portions of their urine and vomit. Finally one day I was able to escape but as I was running away, it occurred to me that they knew where I lived because they had stolen my purse, which included my ID. It wasn’t soon after returning home, I started feeling the eyes watching me all the time. They’re back and they are not finished with me either.

Anal First Timer

anal phone sex



I’m your super young and kind of prudish girlfriend, who while being pretty submissive and willing to please has never really let you get that kinky. I decided that one of my New Years resolutions would be to maybe get a little less boring in the sack. I know you’ve been dying to fuck my pussy from behind and today I’m finally going to let you gain access to that backdoor too. I crawl into bed next to you and begin telling you that I know you’ve had a crazy long day, it being the first day back into the office after the holiday and all. You’re so excited to have my tight sexy body next to you after a rough day at work and your cock starts swelling up immediately. I tell you that I want to try the thing you’ve been wanting and you quickly get me on my knees with my ass up and back arched. You begin playing with my pussy and teasing my tight cut with the tip of your dick. You slide it in and unexpectedly you get a little bit more rough than I expected. I’m totally shocked and asking you to slow down but I finally loosen up a little bit and have fun when you start playing with my nipples. You begin running your thumb over my rosebud asshole and I beg you to pleas wait but before I can stop you or pull away, you’ve already slammed your cock into my ass. You’re pounding away and I started get really into it, demanding that you blow that giant load into my asshole now! The fact that I have finally got so into it completely sets you off and you let your entire creamy blast go inside me. You slide out and relax next to me while I enjoy the sensation of your cum leaking out of my asshole. Now that you’ve turned me into a submissive little freak, what should we try next?

NYE Cunty Kisses From Uncle Joe

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I’ve had a fantasy for a long time where I get super close to my uncle. Everyone had left us behind at he and my aunt’s house to start packing up all the Christmas stuff, as well as to clean for our annual New Years Eve party. It seemed like the obvious time to make a move, which I could tell he would love because he has always given me eyes. I came downstairs in an oversized nightshirt but didn’t put on any panties. I knew eventually he would want me to climb up the ladder to help get some garland down and just as I imagined, the request for me to reach up high occurred. As I climbed up, he put his hands around my thighs and began to help steady my body. He looked up and that’s when he noticed my lack of coverage on my tiny bald pussy. He slipped his fingers up and started to softy pet my crotch-kitten. I let out a soft moan and he helped me down, laying me down on the floor and going down to lick and suck on my pink tiny clitty. I came so hard all over his face. He got up, kissed my forehead and told me that we would have to continue next year. Well, happy 2018 to me. 😉




BDSM Family Fun For Christmas

family fun phone sex



My boyfriend invited me to his family’s Christmas party and I was so excited to finally get to meet you guys! I wore a very pretty dark red lace mini dress and heels, being careful to look fashionable and sexy but still classy. Meeting the parent’s is a big deal after all and your son had told me you guys were really modern & hip so I figured looking pretty on trend would be fine. I couldn’t get over how incredibly handsome you were, obviously your son gets his charm and good looks from his father. Sitting across from you at the table and sipping on a cocktail, I noticed the gentle nudging of your toes across the tip of my high heeled shoe. I froze shocked for a moment but then I felt the rush of my cunt as it got really, really wet. I got up and excused myself for a moment to go ahead to clean up a little. Your wife gently knocked on the door and asked if everything was okay. I told her yes, yes of course just needed a moment. She let herself into the bathroom with me which I found strikingly open but I did not mind. She then began to explain that you were a very open family, giving me the little wink-wink nudge-nudge. She brought up how sexy my body was and I thanked her, actually only at that point really noticing her large fake breasts and tight ass through her cocktail dress. I cleaned myself and stood up to wash my hands, she came behind me and pressed against me to whisper in my ear “we are a very modern family” – the same rush in my panties happened.

We went downstairs holding hands and she announced to you and your son that I knew how “modern” your family was. You walked over and kissed me while your son kissed his mother. The help was excused to clear the table and we left. I followed all of you into a room filled with sex toys. I wouldn’t call it a dungeon but there were large tables with straps and whatnot. The three of you sat in what I would describe as thrones and your butler came into the room dressed in a full sissy maid dress- complete with gimp mask and wig. He/She undressed me completely and then suited me up in a red leather harness, topping off the look with a festive pair of antlers and red nose. Your sissy-maid strapped me to the table face down. I couldn’t tell what was about to happen but that’s when I felt your wife behind me, slipping a large strap on into my ass and pounding me away while you and your son instructed her on how to best fuck my tightest hole. You both then frosted my face with you cum- welcoming me to the family in the most interesting way so far. I can’t wait to see what you guys do for New Years Eve!



Sexy Time With My Lesbian Teacher



School Girl Phone Sex

Miss Morris is like totally the hottest teacher at my school. She has these giant tits that you can totally tell are fake, super sexy full lips and a nice round ass. She’s seriously like a total Betty! I’ve masturbated a lot at home thinking about her super sexy bod and generally very flirtatious manor but today when she asked if I wanted to stay after class to help her put up Christmas decorations, I hoped that maybe this could be my chance to at least get a little closer to her. She welcomed me in right after the last bell and we got started. She asked if I would climb up on to her desk and hang some snowflakes up on the ceiling. Miss Morris helped brace me by holding my legs but that’s when I started to feel her fingers wandering up my skirt inch by inch. I looked down and he had already removed her blouse, exposing those beautiful juicy MILF-y titties to me just like I had always fantasized while finger fucking myself. I leaned down as she pulled me toward her and we started hard making out, tongues and everything! She helped me take off my uniform and we sprawled out on the desk so that she could eat my bald pussy like she had obviously been craving to do as well. We scissored each other on the desk, using a large marker as a double-ended phallic toy and came over and over again. She made me swear not to tell anybody about what we did. Obviously I’ll be keeping me and Miss Morris’s fuck fests all to myself. Well..except I guess it’s okay with her if I tell you. 😉

Sexual Education

School Girl Phone Sex



I thought it was typical for them to split the boys and the girls during Sex Ed classes but Coach Carter said this one would be a little bit different. He put us all into pairs, including a few girl-girl twosome groups and explained that for this section of the study he felt it was important for each of us to show him everything we had learned so far in practice. I was paired with one of the older guys, his name is Billy. Coach had us kiss, he walked up and told me I wasn’t doing it right and made me kiss him first telling me to use my tongue this time and so I did. I could taste the little bit of whiskey we always joked that coach adds to his coffee which is what always leads to him smacking our butts during practice and I would be lying if it didn’t turn me on a little bit. He told me to go back to Billy and instructed all the girls to take off their shirts and let their partners kiss and suck on their nipples. He was explaining the entire time that the feeling we were probably having “down there” was sexual arousal. He then instructed the second partner to take off their pants and allow us to go down and inspect their privates. Billy’s cock was oozing pre-cum by this point and I couldn’t help but lick it up like it was melting ice cream dripping off a cone. Coach came back over and told me to keep doing that which is when he unbuttoned his pants and told me to perform the same technique on him as well. I was on my knees in front of my whole class with Billy’s young and thick cock in one hand and Coach Carter’s in the other, jacking and sucking them off at the same time. Coach let out a loud and long groan and announced that the big finish was cumming and that’s when they both exploded all over my face and pretty little chest. I thought I did a great job honestly but that’s when Coach announced that I would need to see him after school. I wonder what he could want?

Panties and Socks

foot fetish phone sex


I know how much you love kissing and licking my pretty and perfectly manicured little feet. You’ve been especially interested in my dirty little panties but I decided an extra surprise should come into your package this time. I have included my cute cheerleading socks that I have worn for days on end in addition to a pair of pantyhose and even the standard cute panties you love. I wish I were there to see you hold the socks and panties up to your nose while you play with your cock, thinking of my sweet little smile while you suck and lick on me. The way your big cock swells up right before we lube up my feet as you slip that juicy dick between them and allow me to give you a blissful foot job. Looking down at your right before you’re about to spill that cum all over my cute little hot pink toes. I reach down, gathering your yummy cummies up and sucking the juices off of my fingers while you clean my feet up for me, I’ve been soaking wet so you have your own personal dirty panties now too that are full of my scent that you caused. When is our next session and when should I mail your next package out?

Bathroom Sex

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies Natalie


Getting pulled off into a bathroom was not how I expected my Saturday at the mall to go but there I was, getting force fucked by a guys in ski masks. I had been just doing some shopping but noticed a few strange lingering eyes on me a few different times. Hoping it was just my imagination, I tried to just dismiss the idea all together- trying hard not to make myself more paranoid. I went to the bathrooms that are at the far end of the mall and after using the facilities I thought I was just going to be walking out but that’s when the three guys in masks came in. They threw me up against the wall and told me I was a filthy whore who needed to be taught a lesson. I begged for them to leave me alone, find another girl- anything to get them to go away but before I could begin to really protest, I found myself lunged against the skins with my panties cut off with a knife. They took turns pounding me out, filling me up and gagging me with their dicks. After they all finished their business, they took my wallet with my ID- telling me that now they knew where I lived and would absolutely be back for more. My only question for you- is it terrible that I kind of loved it?

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