Night On the Town

I recently went out with “Jonathan”, he took me to this very nice posh restaurant in the city.  We had a very expensive dinner and a wonderful dessert (me).  I love going out with him because he is married and we don’t have the typical bad relationship bull shit that you would normally have.  Plus he treats me very well, gives me jewelry and furs, pays my bills.  In return I am his nasty little slut.  I will do things his wife WON’T do.  Like I will suck on his cock like there is no tomorrow and tell him how much I enjoy it.  I will also let him put his cock in my ass and fuck me like crazy!  There are rewards for being your GFE.  There is no drama and you certainly get your way sexually.  I will ask you about your day and snuggle with you if you like.  There is no care in the world about your little brats at home or all of the “honey dos” you have at home.  Just some quality time spent on YOU!  I will be the best GFE you will have and I know you need me.


Your GFE Shannon

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