They’re Back!!!

As you know I have been disposing of our victims in the King Nation. What you may have missed is the secret desire I have developed. I have been having wonderful sexual encounters with our victims. I love sucking their dead body parts, dick, pussy and tits. Cold and limp and yielding under my expert touch. The taste of their blood, dried and caked on their skin, salty and sweet makes my heart beat faster and my cunt soaking wet. I have been molesting them in death like a woman on crack, needing a fix.
I should have known there would be repercussions. I should have known they would return.
For the last several nights at exactly 3am I wake up from my sleep. I can feel their cold hands caressing and violating me in the most intimate ways. I am left paralyzed and can’t move. I can’t scream, no sound will come out of my mouth no matter how hard I try. I can feel the cold clammy hands caressing my inner thighs working it’s way up to my love nest. Cold fingers enter me with force in a brutal assault. I feel the icy lips on my tits, sucking and tugging, rough and hard, showing no mercy. I want to scream, I want to run. But I can’t, I am at the mercy of the undead. My victims have returned to give me what I have given them.
The first night I was beyond scared. The second night I was scared and yet aroused. When I felt the icy penetration invading my warm cunt, I involuntarily began cumming uncontrollably. All I could think about is how good it felt when I was on the giving end of all this.
Could they feel me in death? Could they hear me in death? Did they like it as much as I did and now wish to return the pleasure? or Are they angry and feel violated? Are they returning to me with an agenda of revenge?
It doesn’t matter, I love it. Come to me in the night my cold, dead lovers and rape me in life as I did to you in death. I hope they all come to me at once one night and rape me in a supernatural orgy of epic proportions. It is so thrilling to experience this dark side of life and death.

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