I fucked a cop to avoid jail

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He walked me down to the basement and in between two columns, he pushed my back against one of them and unfastened the handcuffs he already had me in and then refastened them so my arms were above my head and handcuffed to the column.

I was breathing heavy and my huge 32 double  d breasts were rising and falling beneath my white button down shirt I had tied in a knot to show off my tiny waste with each breath.

The cop I had managed to talk out of taking me to jail on my outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court last month, by pleading begging and finally propositioning my body as trade… stood in front of me and began unbuttoning my blouse slowly revealing more of my cleavage and then my perky round titties.

“Let’s have a look at these things that you are so proud of that you thought they would get you out of a ticket.” he snarled at me. He greedily tugged at my shirt at this point pulling it open and then shoving of off my shoulders, so it hung from my arms behind my back leaving my breasts and stomach exposed and he began to eyeball fuck me I watched his eyes as they moved over every inch of my body. I think to myself” what the fuck have agreed to this time avoid jail” My thoughts race back to that awful fucking hellhole they call county jail and I’m instantly reassured that I made the right deal. Fuck that place I think.

I watched as he then stepped back and looked at me and licked his lips and started tugging at his crotch.

“Wow, they are very nice,” he sneered, wiping his forehead and pulling down his fly his dick flopped out, a ant eat look alike is one eyeing me and great I think it just gets better this freak isn’t circumcised.

He then stepped back  and reached for my side where the zipper was for my skirt. He pulled the zipper down and then slowly pulled, my skirt down revealing my bright red thong. The skirt hit the floor and he stepped over his tugging at his erection and positioning himself to enter my tight pussy. As he rubbed his penis on my slit my pussy betrayed me and instantly was soaking the inside of my smooth tan thighs. Oh god he gasped into my ear and without warning he was driving his dick into my slit. As thin as it was It was long, and I felt it bottom out inside me and his hot sticky breath is right in face and he is grunting like a pig while fucking me. You are fucking slut he says your gash is wet, I knew skanks like you were easy but damn your sopping wet bitch!

Get it over with I tell him not wanting to give him any satisfaction I could be turned on by his perverted ass. With a few more thrusts I feel his little pecker go flaccid and slide limp like out of my vagina and I don’t even want to look at it I’m so repulsed at this point.

He uncuffs me and zips up his fly and the deed is done, was it worth not going to jail? You’re god damn right it was!

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