Cumming To A Bathroom Near You

Being a party girl cum slut is a hard job but somebody has to do it! I love getting as nasty and dirty as I can sometimes. So I am on a quest for kinky ass nasty toilets, urinals and bathrooms that I can get fucking down and dirty in. I don’t care if I get fucked, get my cunt licked or if you fuck me or make me suck your cock, I just want to find the craziest fucking bathrooms and get as fucking nasty as I can with complete strangers. When I began this hunt I did not think there would be so many.such a wide variety of options in so many places. I am thinking that I can make this a winter sporting event in the life of this cum slut party whore. This is definitely going to be a journey, an adventure…I can only imagine the variety of guys and cocks I am going to run into and play with over this winter. I hope I am done by the summer. I plan on taking lots and lots of pictures of all the fucked up shit I am going to do in each and every bathroom. Look for me at a bathroom near you!

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