The Two Sexy Santas

Brother/Sister Phone Sex

All this holiday excitement makes me crave cock like never before! I was minding my business having a drink after finals when a sexy guy in a Santa suit came into the bar and sat down next to me. Having come from the dorm holiday mixer I was dressed in a slutty Santa lingerie set. He looked at me and smiled, my cunt throbbed again and again. “We match..” he said sexily, he ordered a drink and asked if he could buy me one, I said “Sure, I’m having eggnog” We talked for a while and I started to leave when he asked if I needed a ride. I nodded knowing that I had to see what was under the suit, we headed to his car and before he could start the engine I was stroking his cock through his costume pants. He had a huge dick! It was amazing feeling all 11 inches start to get hard. I took off my top and pushed his jacket off revealing his hard body. This Santa was ripped too, I knew I had to ride his cock. I slid into his lap and he asked “any Christmas wishes?” and I moaned “A Cunt full of Santa’s cum!”

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