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I love to give blowjobs. I enjoy blowjobs, phone sex, fun with all my guys—Christmas time. Im much more in the giving mood. I want to provide as much as I receive, but giving gives me a little extra warmth in all the places that count. A few years ago, I was still living at home, and my stepdad brought home a big beautiful tree. It was perfect, but it also needed a ton of help. It took hours, and it was a lot of fun, but my mom and sisters were beaten, and then there were two left. My stepdad and I made it to the end. I looked at the time, and it was a quarter past twelve. My stepdad had eyed me all night. I felt it, but I liked the attention. Before I was ready to head to my room, he pulled me close and made me show him what an excellent little helper I am.

I began to give him a memorable holiday blowjob to remember.

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