The Suspense Is Killing Me

I don’t need to tell you that I am a sick and twisted bitch when it comes to my sexual appetite. I have always loved both receiving and inflicting pain, it makes me so wet and I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about all the possibilities when it comes to edge play.
Only last week my idea of suspension was to be hung by the rafters by chains. Suspended and bound and at the mercy of who ever is in the room. Waiting to be whipped and sliced up. Having to submit to having cocks and pussy and ass shoved wherever the whim strikes at the moment. But recently I got turned on to the real deal, the real thrill.
I was introduced to real body suspension. Being hung by huge hooks to the rafters above. Watching my potential partners being suspended by hooks with blood dripping from their bodies where the hooks are inserted into their flesh makes my hole body tingle with anticipation.
Finally it is my turn to be hoisted up by the rafters. With each hook that is inserted into my flesh, my cunt twitches and tingles and seeps juices. It isn’t long before pussy juice is flowing down the inside of my thighs.
And then I feel myself being lifted into the air. My flesh is stretched farther then I ever thought possible. It feels as if my skin will rip right off and I must be absolutely still. I can feel my cunt squirting an earth shattering orgasm as the hoisting stops and I am suspended in mid air.
The pain begins to register but it feels so good and the only thing that would make it better would be your mouth on my pussy while I am suspended in the air, bleeding, in pain and unable to move a muscle.
This is the ultimate thrill and I am hooked, no pun intended.

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