The Sluttier the Better He Says…

I went out on a date with this guy who loves blondes with big tits.  He didn’t have a problem telling me to dress as slutty as I want to because he was going to take me to Club Sesso and we were going to spend most of the night naked.  I wore a red corset with a thong and a leather mini skirt.  Once we walked into the club I was shocked by how classy and nice it was yet everyone was just about naked.  Within minutes I had on the corset only with my tits hanging out the top and my date was laying me down fucking me in one of the lounge chairs.  We spent the entire weekend there just eating, drinking and fucking.  They had a room with a wall to wall bed in it and we spent an entire day on that bed fucking each other and anyone else who got close enough to us.  By the time we left there I must have had 20 different cocks in me and eaten pussy for 6 or 8 different women.  My date takes me home and tells me the next time we go I need to be sluttier!  His motto is:  The sluttier the better!  I think that club is my new favorite hang out.  Call me and I will tell you some stories about that place!  It’s so much fun!

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