The Hottest Girlfriend Experience

I met the most amazing man a few months ago he has taken me places that I have never been to before. Last night me and him talked about how we’re going to take care of one another. He sure showed me how he was going to take care of me last night. He started with telling me how special and beautiful I am to him. As he laid me down on the bed slowly and softly pressing his lips against mine making me feel so warm inside as he slowly unbuttons my shirt as he slides his tongue right down to my chest and over to my nipples sucking them softly making my nipples nice and erect. He slid his tongue down my stomach until he made his way right to my wet and juicy clit as he slowly sucked it making it swell causing my body to tingle I put my hands on his head and slowly started to move my lips around pressing my hot pussy into his face wanting him to push his fingers inside of me as he sucked harder on my clit. He worked his way back up to my nipples sucking on them making them even harder. I could feel his hard love stick poking me right in between my hands. I reached down and grabbed it with my hand slowly stroking it through his pants. I unzipped his pants and pulled it out and spread my legs wide open for his so that he could slowly slide it inside of me. He pushed it in and out over and over again making me so creamy. He slid his tongue in to my mouth kissing me passionately as he made love to me all night long making me feel like the most amazing girlfriend in the world. This is the kind of man every girl needs one that will make love to her all night long, and being there no matter what when she needs him. If you love me baby I can definitely love you back baby. I will be the hottest girlfriend experience you will ever have.

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