My shopping trip

So what do you think? Do you like my new dress? I just got it today and I didn’t even have to pay for it! I was trying on several different outfits on, trying to decide which I liked best when I realized that the curtain to the dressing room was partly open. And not only was it open, there was a really sexy older guy standing there watching me change my clothes! He wasn’t even embarrassed to be caught either, he just rubbed his cock through his pants and asked me how I would like to go on a shopping spree with him. I knew he was going to want sex in exchange but he was sexy and obviously had plenty of money to burn so I said hell yeah and let him buy me everything I wanted. I got panties and bras, some super cute tights and lots of dresses, and some real hot shoes too and all I had to do was suck his dick after! He wasn’t even gonna ask for sex he said but I was so pleased with all my gifts that I fucked him anyway and now I have a new sugar daddy!

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