Blackmail Phone Sex…….The Hobby That Pays

About a month ago I discovered the fine art of blackmail. Just thinking about how I have been extorting money from this stupid bitch makes my cunt happy and wet.
Not only does it keep my pockets lined with extra cash, but when I think about it while I am fucking my cunt gets so fucking wet that I soak the sheets (or whatever I happen to be fucking on at the time). I actually had to replace the pool table lining this week because I came so hard while getting fucked on that bitch that I ruined it. I kept thinking about the look in her eye when I caught her and the fire that comes out of her eyes every time she hands me cash, knowing that she is biting her tongue….if looks could kill…but they don’t they just turn me the fuck on because I have the power.
When your married to a big wig in town you shouldn’t creep in your own back yard. I was at the right place at the right time and I got pictures to prove it.
Now if she wants to keep her fuck toy and keep me quiet, she pays, and she pays dearly. Twice a week, with out fail.
She knows the first time she doesn’t show up, the first time she doesn’t have my money two things are going to happen: her picture will be in the morning paper on the front page, and her husband gets a special delivery at work the night before.
Gotcha bitch….blackmail, the hobby that pays…well!

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