Look what I found in the dresser drawer

Today I went to my Aunt’s house to visit her and she was not home. But she left me a note and said she would be back in a few hours after doing some shopping. So I decide to go be nosey and wander around the house. I ended up in  my Aunt’s room and started going into her dresser drawers just to see what is hiding in them. *giggles* OMG! Look what I found! My Aunt is a sex toy collector because I just for over ten toys in one drawer. Hum, I think I should try them out. *giggles* So I pulled out the whole dresser drawer out and place it on her bed. I took off my cute dress and panties too. I stuffed a toy in my butt hole, one in my tiny pink hole, and one pressed up to my little pee hole. Once I had them all in me, I turned them all on at the same time and that is when my afternoon got even better. *giggles*

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