The Biggest cum shot needs to be all over me

Biggest cum shotLaying on my back, getting pumped into and failing to rub my eyes of the biggest cum shot that got splattered over them, I found myself wondering how it led to this. Not, getting fucked by a group of guys, one in my mouth with his balls slapping my chin, another fucking my tits, and a third stirring me up and leaving me a mess. I know exactly how that happened, I asked for it and they got their hard and stiff cocks ready and came to treat me for the evening. No, I wondered how I’d led myself to even asking them in the first place. When did it become such a pattern that I find this normal? When did becoming covered in jizz and representing a melting pot of hot white jizz become my body’s natural state?

Probably the drugs. Yeah, every whore has a drug story and mine’s not any better or worse than any other’s. Even if you slow down on the drugs and all the big tit fucking, you’re so used to using men like this as your wallet that you stop even thinking about how much money you have. Blowjob for food? Pussy fuck for a place to stay? Anal for something really creative and weird? It’s a way of life, and I love it. I think everyone who gets into it does, there’s something instinctual about getting what you want by giving a wonderful service and using your body for what it’s meant for. I shook those thoughts away by getting real on my sucking. I reached up to rub my eyes from a stray cum jet, and took his hips so I could help him really get into my throat. Moments like that always feel strange, where I’m lost and forget to enjoy the cock I’m being so graciously offered. I show my gratitude with my hips, and they seem not to have noticed, so it doesn’t matter. What matters is the explosion of jizz shot right into my womb and the cock control I hold over him.

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