making the boys watch

Hot ass sex

As a college student, I love having double dates. My best friend Delilah and her boyfriend loved to join me and my boyfriend, but one day, we took it a little further. After some hash cookies and couple much tequila shots, we were wasted and blasted. The guys were in for a treat. Delilah and I both wanted to surprise them. Tease them a bit and show them that girls rule. Of course, I was down, and since I was under the influence, I just was horny as fuck. My young bald pussy  was soaking wet. I could tell Delilah was wet too. When we returned to the hotel, we began to make out in front of the guys. We had on some hot lingerie and went in on each other. But that so desperately wanted to join, but this watch doesn’t touch  Kind of Night. We each had our motives, which were to make these guys even more obsessed with us. We let them watch as we got each other off all night long.  They ended up with blue balls, but we ended up cumming more times than we could count.

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