Thar She Licks

pain slut phone sexI make EXCELLENT money being a phone sex whore. I am a submissive little bitch, I love it and I get paid like one. I only associate with others that make excellent money. We went on a boating trip Saturday night. It was me and a few of my girlfriends, on one of their daddy’s houseboats. We were dressed to the nines, drinking and doing some blow. We were feeling good and looking great. Glenda, Kenna and I started playing grab ass, and Kenna kissed me, teasingly at first but it turned to passion quickly. She bit my lip and my knees buckled and my cunt started stirring. She pulled me into the master bedroom of the boat. She threw me, face first, into the wall and grabbed a candlestick from the chesterfield. She lifted my dress and pressed the candlestick into my ass and grabbed my hair. She pulled hard as the un-lubed candlestick tore into my tight little asshole. My pussy was moistening as she pushed me onto my knees and replaced the candlestick with her slobbery fist. She fisted my asshole until it tickled my belly button and she spread her hand, filling me up and making my cunt squirt. I came hard and she wordlessly removed her fist and turned me over. She shoved her hand in my mouth, making me lick my ass juices off of it. She stripped down to her slip, which was actually a breast binding corset, and fishnets, and grabbed a handful of hair in each of her hands. She pulled my face up into her hungry wet snatch. She, a smoker, was bitter, but I was her subby little slut, I wasn’t going to complain. Or should I? I pushed her weight off of me and blew the juices out of my mouth. She knew exactly what I was alluding to and she released me. She walked over to her coat and from her pocket removed her lighter and a smoke. She took a long drag and resumed her place over my head, grabbing my hair harder and slapping my face. I lapped at her sloppy bitter cunt and suddenly my nipple was stinging. She was holding the cherry of her cigarette against it and I fucking loved it. I continued to swirl my tongue on her clit and plunge it in and out of her waiting hole. I rubbed my sopping pussy as she continued to pull my hair and use me as her ashtray. She came in my mouth and stood up, placed a spiky heel into my chest and throwing her cigarette into my belly button.  The pain was agonizing, overwhelming and incredible. I released, crying out, and she shoved her heel into my mouth to keep me quiet. We cleaned ourselves up and left the room just in time to see the sun setting on the watery horizon. Ahoy mateys!

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