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Today I woke up feeling the love. It’s been a long time since I woke up on the right side of the bed. I’m usually never the morning person, I’ve always dreaded any and every hour before 11 a.m. I try to sleep in every chance I get. Being up so early felt odd, but I was oddly happy about it. Looking at my calendar I noticed today was National Hugging Day and with the peaceful spirit of MLK day still upon me I just had to participate. After a few searches I found that a local non-profit was holding a fair for the county and I got dressed to head off.

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When I got there I saw that the local firefighters were running a kissing booth and I knew exactly where I was going to be setting up shop. I brought with me my famous cookies and fruit dip to sell for the non-profit & set up a stand right next to the guys. It’d didn’t take them long to notice my tits hanging out of my tank top, or my nice ass sitting up nice and juicy behind me. The first guy to buy my cookies had me selling him more than he could eat. I left my table to my friend, and followed him off to the fire truck with a basket of cookies in hand.

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He gave me a tour of the truck from front to back, we ended at the hose and then we were off to the inside. The moment the door closed he took the cookies out of my hand and grabbed onto mine. He was pushing his hand up and down my panties, making me want him deep inside me. I pushed him back and slipped my panties to the side and forced his big cock inside my wet pussy. I bounced up and down his dick and came on him over and over. He was driving me crazy with how he was holding onto my ass and forcing his cock deeper inside me. I had to push my tits onto his chest to catch my breath but he never stopped fucking me. Out of breath I kept taking his hard cock, my pussy continued to get wet for him. I came for him every time he told me to, my ass was in his hands and my nut was at his mercy. I loved it all and I took it all when he finally came inside of me at sunset. I rested and relaxed in the loose hug he gave me as I felt his cock soften inside my warm and wet pussy. 

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