Teenie Sasha Loves Older Men

Mommy told me not to let anyone touch my privates. I’m sad to say I have been a bad bad girl. I am dirty and I need to be cleaned thoroughly. There was a dirty old man and she knew he wanted some young teen pussy. She told me he didn’t deserve my sweet little pussy juices. She said to save my love portion for someone she approved of but I didn’t listen. Truth is, that dirty old man fucked my pussy so good I couldn’t control myself. Once he slid his enormous cock into my tight warm sex muffin it only took a few minutes for me to cum all over his cock. And that was only the first time. We fucked all night! He touch spots in my pussy I never knew I had. It felt so good… I don’t think I could ever fuck a guy under 30. I like my men to be experienced. Younger guys fuck like jack rabbits, like its their last piece of pussy. Older men have had alot of pussy in their day so no more need to rush. They take their time and fuck me like they love me. Mommy may not like it but I like it too much to stop. Maybe you can keep my secret?

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