Adult Phone Chat Sessions with Layla

I keep my window blinds open because I know you’re watching me. I know you like when my tits bounce up and down as I do my morning run on the treadmill. You like when I get all sweaty. You want to lick and suck my sweaty pussy too don’t you? Watch me as I peel off my tights and expose my big caramel ass to you. I walk around naked and sip my wine because I know there’s a handsome stranger enjoying the show. And you know what wine does to me don’t you? It excites me even more to know your watching me as I pleasure myself after that third glass of wine. Your eyes following my hands as I enter one then two maybe three fingers into my pussy. I could really use a long tongue right about now. Feeling you fucking my hole after a good workout.. The thought of you knocking on the door and when I answer you just take me right there on the floor. That would make me cum so hard. So why don’t you come on over and introduce yourself? If you’re shy, we can start with a phone call. Go ahead pick up and dial my number…

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