Feeling Naughty

Oh yes my pussy is primed and ready for some kinky leather and bondage tonight. I have my leather wrist restraints on all ready and my favorite glass dildo is getting my pussy wet and ready.
I love it when he comes over and wants to tie me down. He knows just how to work this pussy and these huge JJ sized tits. He always brings his whip and blind fold with him.
When he puts the blind fold on and I can’t see it heightens all my senses. I listen for every sound and try to anticipate his next move. I can smell the juice that drains out of my pussy like a flowing faucet as I wait for his touch. The anticipation of not knowing what is next is so hot. Will I feel the whip on my pussy lips or nipples? Will it be the soft wet kisses on my neck and tits? Will it be his hot, hard cock in between my big soft tits? Will he shove that huge fuck stick in my wet and waiting pussy or will he slide it into my tight ass?
I can’t wait to see what tonight will bring!

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