Teaching the important lessons

My Grandson spent the weekend with me! He is such a little hand full. I am always catching him staring at my nice big round tits. I even caught the little bugger sneaking into my bathroom while I was in the shower. And snapping pictures of me with my old Polaroid. Finally I had just had enough. Granny needed to teach him some manners. I pulled him into the bedroom and explained how young men need to show respect when out in public. And that you don’t PEEP on people. Then I taught him how the rules change when you get a lady in the bedroom. In the bedroom we want to be treated like WHORES.  Nasty dirty sluts! I taught him how to call granny a slut. Pull my hair. Fuck me harder! I even taught him how to spank that ass while he was fucking it! And let me tell you!  He is a super-fast learner! I believe it is important for a mature lady like myself to pass on my knowledge to the next generation.

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