Fisted Wide Open

I’ll bet ya that nothing will make you feel fuller, than having a fist inside of you.  My asshole and pussy were fisted by my Daddy’s friends. He invited a bunch of his buddies over (guys and girls) to watch the game, play cards and drink. One thing led to another and before real long, I found myself being held down with Daddy’s hand over my mouth, my clothes were torn off of me, and his friends were greasing my ass and pussy up real good.  They started fingering my slutty holes, then next thing I knew,  his friends shoved their hands inside of me.  Once I was relaxed, Daddy let me suck his cock while I was being stretched open real wide.  Daddy’s friends were taking turns pushing their arms deep in my pussy and ass-making them gape, and then jerking off and cumming inside of my gaping holes.  I found out that cum is a good lubricant for group fisting!  🙂  I was used like a filthy, cum bucket-whore and I never felt so good!

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