Sweet Dreams

I had the nastiest dream last night. Christian was sucking my big black cock. His mouth was so warm. I could feel it! He kept sliding my cock all the way down his throat. I could feel his lips on my balls. When he finally pulled his mouth from around my hard cock. His lips were swollen and glistening with my cock juices. I couldn’t get inside him fast enough. I put him on his back and pulled his legs open. I like feeling that hard cock on my stomach as I buried my big black dick in deep to stretch him open. I love watching his face as his tight little ass milks my cock. The harder I fuck him the more he likes it. It was so real. I could feel him. I could smell the sex all over him. I could see his eyes staring at me as I filled him up. And when I finally exploded deep inside him. He exploded all over my stomach and hard nipples.

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