Teachers Pet…

I had to pull some strings but I got my youngest in Mr. Donalds class. She really needed it. See Mr. Donalds is good to me and the girls. He has taught every one of my girls.  He buys all of their school supplies. And  makes sure they are really taken care of in class. They are protected from the other students.  And they get straight A’s. Plus … the best part is he pays me weekly. Just so he can spend “extra” time with my youngest when ever he wants. He can pull her in the bathroom and fuck her right in school. OR keep her after class.. But that is OK with me cause he brings her home if she misses the bus. And then she can tell me all about her day. How good his big cock felt deep inside her. And of course how much of a little cum whore she is! I love when my girls can carry on their education at school!  And it is a real education to be the teachers pet!

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