Slip and Tell

I had to run out today and pick up some goodies. I was excited to wear a brand new little bitty dress with a panty and bra set! I wore the most fab 5 inch fuck me pumps. Had I known it was gonna start raining I might have changed my mind. But it was raining and I slipped and fell! Totally wiped out. My legs were spread wide open with my pretty dress around my hips. Not lady like AT ALL! The most handsome man rushed over to help me. And I could tell by the look of surprise that my beautiful black cock had slipped out of my panties. Knowing he saw me got me so excited my cock grew right before his eyes. I was surprised and shocked when he grabbed me by my arms and lifted me up. Placed me back on my feet and then started to pull my skirt down and smooth it out for me. His fingers caressing my cock as he stroked it! His eyes never left mine as he whispered “I am going to go fuck you now.” He took my hand and led me straight to his car. We went to his house and he fucked me for hours. His cock stretched me out so much. It was the best fuck of my life. All because of a little slip and fall!

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