Taste the Rainbow

My friend came over for a sleepover last night and boy did we have fun! We have a lot in common. Like our favorite candy is skittles. Our favorite color is pink. And we like the way it feels to touch each other real soft with our soft little hands. We thought of a really good idea of how to mix some our favorite stuff. She brought over a bag of skittles and we shared some of them. We swapped them back and forth from her mouth to mine and then she laid me on my back and put some skittles in my little cunny. She moved those little candies all over the place running them over my folds and my red button. It felt amazing as she slurped the sugary liquid up into her mouth. She said I couldn’t take my turn until my water gushed out from me. I breathed really fast and felt my heart beating even faster until I almost screamed. My body tightened up and I could feel her drinking my squirted juices. We are the BEST of friends.

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