Getting High With My Favorite Fella!!!

I love getting high while my pussy flows juice for him. He loves to watch me get fucked by the young ones while he strokes his cock and we get fucked up together. And when he finally gives me his rock hard dick he fucks me hard and deep, thinking about watching me get fucked by all those young cocks. He tells them just how to fuck me and how long they have. He makes them stand in line jacking their dicks to keep them hard until it is their turn to pump my ass or pussy, what ever he wants he gets. He is my favorite caller, my favorite fuck buddy and my favorite party friend! he knows just what I like and he never lets me down. My pussy cums over and over again just for him and he loves looking at it all wet and dripping knowing it is all for him. sometimes we get so wasted we can’t cum and we just keep fucking and fucking until we can hardly breath. I haven’t talked to him in so long I think I am going threw withdrawal. Where are you? I need your special brand of fucking!!! You know who you are!

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