Just My Panties Party

It was another night filled with my daughter and all her friends. Slumber party nights always keep my pussy wet and ready! We had lots of fun playing strip go fish, and then enjoyed the night in only our panties. There is something about young girls in just their panties laughing and playing and just being free that keeps me horny and happy.
They introduced me to some anime that really got the party started. P Bear is now one of my favorite little fellas! He loves the girlies as much as I do and he sings a delightful little tune all about how he loves them so!

“I, I, I love little girls
They make me feel so good
I love, little girls
They make me feel so bad

When they’re around
They make me feel
Like I’m the only guy in town

I love, little girls
They make me feel so good

They don’t care if I’m a one-way mirror
They’re not frightened by my cold exterior

They don’t, ask me questions
They don’t, want to scold me
They don’t, look for answers
They just, want to hold me

Isn’t this fun?
Isn’t this what life’s all about?
Isn’t this a dream come true?
Isn’t this a nightmare too?….”

We kept him running on the TV almost all night long. Who would have thought a cartoon would be so much fun!

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