Taking a Trip to the Cabin in the Woods

Submissive Phone SexMy husband has been planning a trip to the woods, and I’m excited and can’t wait. Well we are finally here and he just told me a bunch of his co-workers would be joining us later that night. I know this means, I am going to be used and abused all night tonight. Normally I really enjoy these activities but I thought this was a weekend getaway for the two of us. It was chilly but not too chilly when we got there, my husband decided to take a nap before the big event so I tool a walk out back behind the cabin in the woods.

I finally went back to the cabin and took a shower and got dressed in an appropriate outfit for the evening events. About eight o’clock I heard cars pull up as I was just finishing washing the dinner dishes. Before I knew it, they were all offering me lines of cocaine and getting me as high as they could, as fast as they could. It didn’t take long and I was high and ready for anything they had in mind.

The rest of the night was my husband sitting in his comfy chair watching his co-workers fuck and abuse me in every imaginable way possible. When the sun started to come up, they left and my husband gently carried me to the shower and washed my very sore aching body, then took me to bed.  As he pushed his cock into me I know he felt how swollen and tight my pussy was from the weekend activities, but that’s why he loves fucking me at the end of our adventures! I love our cabin in the woods and am so excited my husband made these plans for us this weekend.

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