Cum One, Cum All!

The other day, I went shopping at one of my favorite XXX stores.  I could barely focus on choosing an outfit, because my pussy kept drooling over all the sexy men that I noticed disappearing to the back.  After browsing, I changed into the sexy getup that I’d just purchased, and made my way to the back, too.  It’s like they all smelled my pussy when I entered.  I walked the halls once, just to let the men get a good look at my firm tits and round, jiggly ass.  Finally, I picked a booth, and one by one, I sucked and fucked every stiff cock that needed relief.  When I was done, I had a swollen, wet cunt and an empty box of condoms.  But, I made some extra cash, got a few good orgasms, and met a couple of really cool guys.  I hadn’t had that kind of fun in a long while.  I’m going to have to go shopping a lot more often!

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