Taking Care of Business

Submissive Phone SexSaturday night my husband took me to a dinner party, I thought it was with his co-workers and I expected to be brutally fucked before the night was over by several or all of them. Only I was totally mistaken, I guess my husband had made a serious mistake on one of his accounts at work and the only way he could keep from being fired was to let his boss have me for one night and do with me as he pleases. This didn’t thrill me, I would rather have been fucked by several of his co-workers or clients that his slob of a boss. He is a mean man that always stinks from cheap cologne, cigarettes, cigars, and cheap bourbon. The combination along with his bad breath is almost too much too handle.

But my husband knows I will do whatever he asks me to do so I was his bosses for the night to do with me as he wished. I was taken to a hotel room where his boss stripped me naked and tied me to the bed then began to pour his cheap bourbon all over my body. I could tell he was already stinking drunk. I was so grateful that my husband had given me several long fat lines of coke and few of his magic pills so that I was feeling no pain by the time we got to the hotel room. After his boss drenched me in his cheap bourbon he proceeded to lick it off me and paid special attention to my pussy.

It shocked the shit out of me that i started enjoying what he was doing even though he was being extremely rough and causing me a great deal of pain I got aroused and then before I knew It I had cum. Then he climbed on top of me and fucked me while he was slapping my tits with a leather whip and yelling at me for the mistake my husband had made. He really wasn’t making any sense to me he just wanted to humiliate my husband so I just tuned him out and continued to have one orgasm after another. Finally it was morning, my tits were all bruised, swollen and bleeding. My husband wrapped me up, took me home and gently cleaned me up and put me to bed where he snuggled with me, and I feel fast asleep.

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